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Arabic (Qaidah): Ahsanul Qawāid - (Level 1)

By the end of the year all children will have learnt the Arabic Alphabets with Makhraj (its place of origin), Harakāts, joining up of letters. Every letter will be taught with correct pronunciation i.e. Tajweed.


Juz Amma - (Level 2)

Children will learn to practise the accent, phonetics, rhythm and temper of the Quranic recitation. Emphasis will be given on the Makhraj. They will also be introduced to basic Tajweed.


Qur’ān - (Level 3)

Children will learn to practise the accent, phonetics, rhythm and temper (i.e. Tajweed) of the Quranic recitation. Every child will learn to recite 10 chapters of the Holy Qur’ān with Tajweed per year. Approximately in three years the child will complete the Holy Qur’ān with all its articulate qualities.


Memorisation of the Holy Quran - (Level 2,3)

All students will learn by heart with Tajweed the complete Juz Amma of the Holy Qur’ān. Insha-Allah this will help them to prepare for Hifz (depending on the individual’s memory and the quality of recitation).


Kalimah (Words of Testament) -

(Level 1,2,3)

All students will learn the 4 Kalimahs by heart with the English meaning.


Fiqh (Islamic Studies) - (Level 1,2,3)

Children will be taught basic Fiqh such as the Farā’idh, Wājibāt, Sunnats of Wudhu, Salāh, Fasting etc.


Du’as (Supplications) (Level 1,2,3)

All students will memorise short and memorable Du’as for different times and instances.


Aqa'id (Beliefs) - (Level 1,2,3)

Children will be taught the basic Aqa’id of Islam. All students will learn the 2 Kalimahs of Aqeedah by heart.


Adāb (Manners) - (Level 1,2,3)

Children will be taught the importance of good character and manners as well as respecting others such as teachers, parents, and other pupils etc. Furthermore, etiquettes of the classroom, outside class and advice on cleanliness will also be given.

Story Time - (Level 1,2,3)

Students will get the opportunity to explore many colourful books from our Library Corner. This will include stories of Muslims whose exemplary behaviour earned them a place in the history of our heritage. Each story will highlight an occasion when a person of outstanding character stood up for his faith in Allāh Taala. Books will range from the Stories of the Prophets, Stories from the Holy Qur'an, Seerah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Stories covering the lives of the four Caliphs, Sahābah and other Pious Muslims.


Hadeeth (Prophetic Sayings) - (Level 1,2,3)

All students will learn and memorise short and memorable Ahaadeeth with translation relating to basic Ibaadah (worship) and moral etiquettes. A total of 40 Ahaadeeth will be taught.

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