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Teaching Methodology


  1. Small group sessions.

  2. Use of iPad to make learning more enjoyable.

  3. Practical hands on activities.

  4. Catering for a child's different learning styles through auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods.

  5. Raising child's motivation by using excessive praise, rewards.

  6. Friday Special – This is a unique motivational concept brought to you by Alif Baa Tuition. All students are treated to a surprise at the end of the week.

  7. All sessions are based upon starter, teaching input and activity.

  8. Weekly planner for parents to track child's progress.

  9. Mid-term and annual progress report.

  10. Examinations & Tests

  11. Reward and warning system for children.

  12. Textbook assignments.

  13. Coloring activities.

  14. Outdoor activities

  15. Crossword puzzles

  16. Jigsaw puzzle maps

  17. Gaming and stimulation

  18. Story telling

  19. Peer teaching: students assigned other students for assistance.


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